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Sophisticated and scalable white label IT platform for transaction processing service providersbeGateway is optimal payment processing platform developed for payment processors, major online retailers and even acquiring banks.
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Do you want to outsource your payment processing needs and become a Payment Service Provider (PSP/IPSP)?
Are you tired of third-party processing systems that can't be updated or customized to meet your current business demands?
Are you interested in significantly reducing your licensing, maintenance, operational costs and faster time-to-money?

If the answer is YES to all these questions, then our proven, reliable and scalable solution is just what you need for end-to-end online card payment processing.

No initial and ongoing IT or infrastructure development
No operating costs for high-availability data-centers
No PCI DSS certification costs


  • List of plug-and-play integrations with several
    acquiring banks and processors

    In addition to immediate transaction processing, beGateway performs regular status synchronization of existing transactions with acquiring banks’ data. This secures the system’s reliability in case of technical failures.

  • Cards data storage & tokenization

    beGateway platform passes annual PCI DSS Level 1 certification, allowing to store cardholders' data in an encrypted form.

  • Main card transactions' support

    Enabled processes include Payment, Authorization, Capture, Void, Refund, Credit and Chargeback transactions.

  • Role-based access

    A customizable access system, that sets assorted roles for different users - account manager, support manager, accountant, and administrator. Strictly defining each role’s access rights to specific data and information volume. This increases the platform’s usability, enabling users to accomplish their duties more effectively.

  • Built-in anti-fraud tools (MaxMind, 3-D Secure)

    Monitoring the activities of high-risk merchants or screening cardholder transactions. Minimize exposure to chargebacks with advanced anti-fraud tools. 3-D Secure Service can be provided to IPSPs as a stand-alone solution. In other words transaction checks can be performed without proceeding to payment processing.

  • Ready-made payment modules for shopping carts

    The payment module enables online payment acceptance, integrating with the most widely used online shopping carts worldwide.

  • Customization for a consistent look & feel

    Domain name, user interface, integration documentation and e-mail confirmations can be fully branded according to each customer’s unique wish list.

  • User-friendly back-office interface

    A transparent, accurate and multi-parametric overview of daily online business transactions. Track all online merchant account transactions, review revenues, analyze declined transactions, chargeback rates and more.

  • Real-time reporting

    Daily financial statements automatically generated, together with a convenient set of filters showing the amount to be paid to the merchant. Monthly reports can be generated for every shop showing profit for services rendered and more.

  • Consulting and technical support

    Experts guidance through the integration process and initial account setup, accompanied by detailed features and functionality explanations. In addition, beGateway provides comprehensive servers’ monitoring and bugs’ monitoring and fixing.

Key benefits

  • High availability and scalability

    Enabling quick response time, beGateway is optimized to process up to a million multi-currency transactions every month.
  • Rapid deployment

    The platform can be up and running within three to four weeks, without requiring any ongoing investments in development and infrastructure. The measurable savings in cost and time-to-market stand testimony to a faster return-on-investment.
  • Upgrade-free "Cloud" environment

    Every update is automatically introduced into the system. beGateway provides seamless software and systems maintenance and monitoring so you can concentrate on business results rather than technology upkeep.
  • PCI DSS compliant platform

    PCI DSS certification can have a significant drain on both financial and administrative resources. By using beGateway you skip tiresome and costly processes, choosing to channel your funds to where your business most needs them.
  • Support by leading industry professionals

    Our experienced team of specialists leverages more than 50 integrations with leading acquirers, processors, payment systems and CMS.
  • New acquiring bank or 3rd party service integration

    On request, new acquirers or payment providers can simply be integrated into the system within four to eight weeks (depending on the speed and availability of chosen provider’s IT resources).

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